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Forensic Services


The experts at Forensic Edge have deep and relevant experience combined with the latest scientific techniques, providing our clients with the best information and critical thinking.

In-depth review of case documentation, evidence and scientific interpretations to provide clients with a deep and unique understanding of the case through the eyes of the science.  Since every case is different, each piece of evidence collected and uncollected, analyzed and non-analyzed needs to be evaluated and questioned. And, being able to know the right questions to ask and how to ask them so the information can be clearly communicated to the jury--bringing the scientific evidence and jargon to laymans terms.

Getting critical and key information from the various agencies can make or break a case.  Just receiving "lab reports," for instance, likely does not provide the level of detail to assess the impact of particular evidence.  You need to know what to ask for and why.  Forensic Edge can assist you in getting that information.

Get fully prepared for the extensive scientific questioning.  Going to trial means gaining an understanding of the evidence in the context of the case.  You must be prepared for a wide range of detailed and potentially case-damaging questioning.

In addition, Forensic Edge offers a full range of forensic training for attorneys, investigators, state, county and local agencies, doctors and nurses.  Proper understanding, documentation, collection and preservation of evidence can preserve the effectiveness and integrity of the case.

Services include:

  • Case Review & Consultation
  • Pre-Trial Discovery Support
  • Trial Preparation & Development of Direct and Cross-Examination Questions
  • Crime Scene Investigation/Reconstruction, Property and Sample Consumption Observation
  • Management of 3rd Party Lab Services
  • Forensic Training--Customized to You and Your Organization's Needs
  • Laboratory Audit Services
  • Court Props and Presentations